What is the threat level protection?

The MTS is rated NIJ Level IIIA in accordance with Modified/Abbreviated NIJ 0108.01. The shield does not fold or bend when shot. Optional 16” x 9” ultra-lightweight rifle plate insert rated Level III in accordance with NIJ-STD-0101.06.

The rifle plate is inserted into the top panel area of the shield, providing protection in that area for vital parts of the body against rifle rated threats such as .223/5.56 or 7.62FMJ.

In addition to being tested by a NIJ approved laboratory, the shield has undergone numerous successful live range testing, including by the US Marshals Services Training Center - Special Operations Group. Our team has also conducted our own extensive ballistic and puncture testing with 100% success. Our tests far exceeded the NIJ standard for ballistic testing. We stopped testing after 50 rounds of 9mm, 40cal, .45ACP, 00 buck, and 12GA slugs!

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