The MTS™ Multi-Threat Shield is a highly versatile Level IIIA (Level III with optional rifle plate) ballistic shield that can also be used to protect against edged weapons, blunt objects and personal weapons (punches and kicks), as well as overhead threats (e.g., drone attacks).

Law enforcement agencies have used the MTS for a myriad of applications including:

  • Active Shooter Response

  • High-risk Searches

  • Warrant Services

  • School Resource Officers

  • Protection Services (Government Officials/Executive/Witness)

  • Rescue Operations

  • Vehicle Stops

  • Vehicle Up-Armor

  • K9 Operations

  • Other Tactical Operations (stairwells, shipboard tactics, overhead threats...)

The MTS is such a practical, easy-to-use, and versatile tool that the Tactical/Firearm Instructors at most agencies develop their own in-house training program for the MTS, and easily adapt the shield into their existing tactics.  Most training programs include: 1) carrying positions and movement, 2) shooting techniques and positions, 3) close quarter and retention techniques, and 4) using the shield during common law enforcement operations.

In addition, Force Training Institute (FTI) has a basic online course for the MTS that is free-of-charge: The Multi-Threat Shield (MTS) Function and Utilization online course includes lessons on:

  1. MTS Fundamentals

  2. MTS: Personal Weapons & Defenses

  3. MTS: Unarmed & Blunt Object Defenses

  4. MTS: Edged Weapons & Firearm Defenses

This course can be accessed on the FTI Academy by clicking here or the logo below.  Simply register (no charge), then login to view the Multi-Threat Shield (MTS) Function and Utilization course. (Note: During the course, the MTS shield is sometimes referred to as the "Savior" - it is the same product.)

    The FTI Team is also available to provide in-person training upon request. For more details contact Howard Mallen at hmallen@forcetraining.org.